Long rides with great friends? Check.
Staring down limits and boldly pedalling past? Check.
Turning left when all signs point right? Check.
Redefining what’s even considered a road? Check.

Teaching us when we’ve reached our limit? Well, here we are.

When five people sat down together at the kitchen table with the thought of starting this event, we wanted it to feel like a ride with friends, where the goal was never about how fast you could finish, but what you could gain along the way. Our motivation was to create a route that would stretch the capabilities of each and every rider, to throw rubber down a few unexpected road allowances and take in all that the Peterborough region had to offer in terms of beauty and fine roads. Each year I’ve challenged myself to design a route that met all those features and more.

The Noble Pursuit has become so much more than just a ride. It has been about community, giving back and having each others’ backs. It’s been about finishing the day with good food, beer, laughter, bullshit stories, and sore legs. For eight years, it was about building upon and expanding this tradition, but always staying true to that original motivation: a great ride with good friends. What I couldn’t have known then, but I certainly understand now, is how profound an impact such a simple goal could inspire.

When we began, it was without the intention of this event being a fundraiser. However, when my cousin’s son, Connor, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, I saw first-hand what the James Fund could offer in comfort to his family, and I was astounded by the ways that this organization was able to funnel donations into real, impactful research, challenging the standards for how fundraising could work. I’m proud to say that together we have raised more than $37,000.00 to support this amazing organization.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of The Noble Pursuit. Thank you to our sponsors who have been so generous. Thank you to those volunteers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make everything happen. Thank you to those who have willingly, or unwillingly, humoured me each year by partaking in this grand adventure.

When we last rode together, I didn’t know the eighth would also be the last, but I doubt I would have done anything differently had I known. So, friends, this is our finish. This is our pulling into the Ale House, climbing off our bikes, grabbing a beer, and telling our tales. Thank you for being part of them.

Ride fast, take chances.


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